The retro gamer in me won't let a release like Pang Mobile bounce past without some kind of heartfelt, nostalgic fanfare.

I could walk you to the exact spot in Mr B's arcade on Blackpool front where a Pang coin-op cab once stood; brand spanking new, and leaving its mark on the sticky carpet from the sheer weight of 10p pieces I poured into it.

It's probably not there now (actually, is Mr B's still there? I think it might have changed hands (and letters)) but fortunately Player X's anticipated pocket gaming adaptation of Pang is now out and bouncing around the App Store.

We had an exclusive hands-on preview of Pang Mobile a few weeks back, sampling the delights of running around the world shooting harpoons at bouncing balls threatening to destroy famous locations.

You can check the preview out above and then hit the 'Buy It!' button to pop on over to the App Store to take a look at the full game, priced at a retro-reasonable £1.79.

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