You don't have to be a hardcore role-playing gamer to find summoning massive, mythical creatures satisfying, especially when you watch the ensuing destruction rain down on your enemies in a lengthy, cinematic cut-scene.

The Final Fantasy series has always delivered this feature admirably, and fans may be happy to know that Final Fantasy VIII has made its magical debut onto the PSP in Japan via the PlayStation Network.

You play the role of Squall Leonheart, a bit of a loner who is drawn in during his military training to help fight against the evil Galbadian regime, which, of course, must be destroyed. Helping you in your quest is a mighty fine array of spells, summons and weapons, including the aptly named Gunblade. No prizes for guessing what that is.

Originally released in 1999 on PlayStation, FFVIII was perhaps given less focus in the west than it was due, mainly because (by no fault of its own) it lived in the shadow of the legendary predecessor. Those who experienced it, though, will tell you that the eighth addition to the series was really rather good.

But for now, unless you live in Japan you'll have to wait for the European download to turn up. Seeing as Final Fantasy VII already reached our shores, its successor will hopefully follow suit. Fingers are crossed.

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