It's been a rollercoaster ride for iPhone developer Manomio, which made an exciting debut on the App Store with an iPhone adaptation of the Amiga classic Flashback, and attempted to follow up with more retro delights in the shape of an officially licensed C64 emulator.

We ran a hands on preview of C64 before the rest of the internet had even heard of it, and backed Manomio's losing horse all the way after several rejections from the App Store.

In many respects it was no surprise that Apple spurned C64, given its general dislike for interpreter code, but the two-man team persevered and eventually managed to get Apple on the phone to discuss the matter.

And that perseverance has finally paid off, as C64 finally went live last night. Fans of Jack Tramiel's beige home computing beast will be excited about this one regardless, but the good news for retro gamers everywhere is the spectacular quality of the emulation C64 provides.

Lots of display options and a beautiful interface really bring the '80s warhorse back to life. Included in the initial game pack is Dragons Den, Le Man, Jupiter Lander, Arctic Shipwreck and Jack Attack, with more to follow very soon.

We'll also be bringing you the full story behind C64's toils, along with some more exciting iPhone news very shortly, so stay tuned. In the meantime, hit the 'Buy It!' button to go and get your retro game on.

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