Speaking to VideoGamer.com, EA Bright Light studio's Harvey Elliot has been discussing the future of the surprise Wii (and mobile and N-Gage, of course) hit, Boom Blox, and the possibility of it expanding to other platforms.

"I wouldn't rule anything out," he says. "Why I think Boom Blox has really worked is that it captured the spirit of the Wii. It's about the motion control, it's about throwing a ball or throwing an object. I can't imagine that on other devices at the moment."

If we're talking the success of motion controls, naturally there's really only one such device besides the Wii (though I suppose the Xbox 360's Project Natal thing could also work quite well with the tower toppling gameplay of Boom Blox - especially since Mr Spielberg is clearly a fan of both).

It's very easy to imagine the Steven Spielberg produced game finding itself a very comfortable home on the Apple handset, so here's hoping EA aims a ball squarely at Apple.