Company execs being thrown in the slammer, Resident Evil 4 for the iPhone leaked, denied, then confirmed, our own writers taking up modern sculpture and the PSPgo stealing the iPhone’s games.

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11:21 AM Jul 13th from web

Rob: Plants vs Zombies coming to iPhone? I haven't played the game, but surely it's zombies 5:25 PM Jul 13th from web
Rob: Gizmondo chap back inside. I never want to meet him 9:28 AM Jul 14th from web
Rob: Resident Evil 4 on the iPhone. What is it with zombie games lately? 12:11 PM Jul 14th from web
Rob: 20 iPhone mobile and iPhone game ideas you should steal, courtesy of @beamadelica. Enjoy the talk 12:26 PM Jul 14th from web
Rob: The Pocket Gamer podcast. This week's is possibly the least awful yet, though it is undeniably awful 2:44 PM Jul 14th from TweetDeck
jonj: Apple didn't allow in-app mention but play Brawn GP Racing, win a Mercedes SL Roadster 3:43 PM Jul 14th from web
Rob: PSPgo getting Fieldrunners. It's kinda like iPhone; kinda REALLY like iPhone. That's a Simpsons reference 4:10 PM Jul 14th from TweetDeck
jonj: what is it about dropping object games on iPhone at the moment? Puzzle Domino dots App Store 4:34 PM Jul 14th from web
Rob: How to create retro gaming art. More magnificent nonsense from Spanner 5:52 PM Jul 14th from web
Stu: iPhone's 'Xbox Live' OpenFeint has 1m players, and is going free for indie developers 11:49 AM Jul 15th from web
Rob: The truth about 8lb Gorilla. That gorilla from the egg at the beginning of Monkey must have been about 8lbs 12:04 PM Jul 15th from web
Rob: Resident Evil 4 is coming to iPhone after all. Not that the rumour was particularly unlikely 2:54 PM Jul 15th from TweetDeck
jonj: you can never make casual games too easy: Parachute Panic gets new Easy mode 2:42 AM Jul 16th from TweetDeck
jonj: Pocket God potentially coming to console, handheld, mobile, Facebook. Bolt Creative will take its pick 10:53 AM Jul 16th from web
Rob: Portal on iPhone. I'm going to take a short break to learn Still Alive on my guitar. About time, right? 11:52 AM Jul 16th from web
Rob: Outer Empires. It's like EVE or Elite on iPhone. Looks rather good from this distance 3:57 PM Jul 16th from TweetDeck
jonj: new GTA clone coming to iPhone and possibly PSPgo: welcome Route 666 2:54 AM Jul 17th from TweetDeck
jonj: Getting hands on with Puzzle Domino in a video-stylee: conclusion, not a game for newbies