Since the iPhone's hit beat-'em-up Kroll is going now cheap, we thought it might round out your exciting, budget priced game-fest this evening with a lash on Bulkypix's Hysteria Project.

The first episode of the live-action horror/survival game has just gone on special offer, also reduced to the bargain price of 59p for the next two weeks.

The game involves a series of fast decisions and quick-time events as you attempt to escape from an axe-wielding maniac through the ominous woodlands (make sure you play it wearing headphones, and preferably in the dark).

Hysteria Project was discussed here on Pocket Gamer recently when Jon had a chat with Bulkypix founder and marketing manager Vincent Dondaine about the series' plans for the future and other goings on with the ex-Vivendi Games Mobile team.

Hit the 'Buy It!' button below to tip-toe over to the App Store and catch Hysteria Project unawares.