Get freaky with Hysteria Project on PSP Minis

Scare me once, shame on you

Get freaky with Hysteria Project on PSP Minis
| Hysteria Project

Here's one to play with the lights on. Hysteria Project has been released through the PSP Minis service.

Hysteria Project was originally developed by Bulkypix for the iPhone, and Sanuk Games has faithfully ported the scare-fest to PSP.

A horror adventure game entirely made up of filmed scenes, Hysteria Project requires you to keep your wits about you to make the right decisions and stay alive.

There are various branching storylines depending on which options you choose. False steps have fatal consequences.

We weren't too impressed with the iPhone version, but hopefully this new edition will tweak the scare-factor to chilling levels.

Hysteria Project is out now on PSP Minis for $1.99, €1.49, £1.24.