Nintendo has revealed the full line-up of downloadable games for the DSi Shop, which you’ll be able to pick up when the hand-held is released this Friday. The full line-up goes a little something like this:

Paper Plane, Art Style: CODE, Art Style: Aquite, Pyoro and WarioWare: Snapped!

It’s not the biggest launch line-up, we know, but there should be at least one gem in amongst them.

WarioWare makes use of the DSi’s camera in a series of mad-cap mini-games. We grabbed some hands-on time with it at GDC, so follow this link if you want some early impressions.

Paper Plane involves you flying said flimsy construct around a maze, while CODE is a mathematical puzzle game. Aquite sees you helping a diver to the bottom of the sea, while Pyoro tasks you with catching falling fruit with a bird.

In addition to these games, the Opera internet browser will also be available for download. Prices will vary from 200 Nintendo Points (£1.40) to 800 Nintendo Points (£5.60), with early adopters receiving 1000 free to spend as they wish.