Watching a rabbit hop about, you'd hardly believe them to be the stuff of movie stars and media conglomerates. Yet Bugs Bunny and Roger Rabbit have both found they way into our hearts and, coincidentally, nicked the best bunny-themed names.

Bobby Carrot isn't as wily as Bugs nor as psychotic as Roger; however, he's not the Mario-trouncing platform hero he's made out to be either.

Bobby Carrot Forever spends a lot of time trying to convince you it's a platformer, but in reality it is built more on puzzle principles, with levels playing out like linear mazes where the trick is to travel in a set order in order to make it to the finish line.

Levels have a platform bent with plenty of carrots and gold coins ready for you to pick up on your journey. Getting to these objects, though, requires bypassing all kinds of obstacles and traps that transform the game from pedestrian platformer to puzzler.

This is the kind of game where a combination of thinking and learning through experience is the only way to play.

Like a lot of elements in Bobby Carrot Forever, control is very simple: pressing either side of the screen directs Bobby to stroll in that direction. Walking can't get you everywhere, though.

Switches opening up hidden passages and gliders flying you over dangerous obstacles are a necessity throughout Bobby's adventure. Figuring out how to manipulate every knob and switch in the right manner can lead to some sticky challenges.

Though the prospect of being stuck on your treasure hunt is real, a restart is never more than a shake of your phone away. Unlike its title, which suggests a long an arduous adventure, play comes in the form of bite-sized levels that build upon one another. The challenges evolve the farther you delve into the game.

Progression comes from looking at the greater picture and piecing together just which element fits where. You can literally do this by zooming out and raising a map on the screen with a tap of your finger.

It's possible to think you've cracked a level, only to reach the end (signified by a spinning portal) and discover you've missed a carrot or two, with safe passage forward only granted when you've suckered up every root vegetable on offer.

To be blunt, it's questionable to just how many carrot-chasers Bobby Carrot Forever will appeal. It doesn't take any wrong steps: control is simple, the music is brilliantly seasoned, the design bright, and the puzzles are simple enough not to alienate but testing enough not to bore.

The problem is, it's all been done before. This is an echo, a sponge full of the kind of ideas, puzzles and concepts that have been with gaming since day one.

It's stuffed full of spikes that pop up and cut you off, coins hidden off in areas only reachable after some task or other has been taken care of. It's the archetypal ode to old school puzzling, and it's fine. Good, even.

If you want a solid, well-presented puzzle game, you could do a lot worse, but on a platform that's all about originality and flair this might seem a bit ordinary to some.

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