We’ve followed the development of BioShock’s mobile port for almost a year now, so the news that IG Fun’s Sean Malatesta will be discussing the company’s work on miniaturising the uber-stylish art deco game is quite exciting.

Malatesta will be taking attendees through IG Fun’s process as to how such a substantial and flashy super-game was made to fit inside the mobile platform, along with the difficulties of marketing such a game in a ‘post-mobile market’.

IG Fun revealed to our own Stu Dredge back in May 2008 that after all the work that had gone into crafting the 3D BREW version of BioShock the company was keen to also bring it to the iPhone.

Considering that the iPhone hadn’t actually revolutionised the mobile games industry during their conversation, and that the mobile game’s now on sale, Malatesta’s speech is likely to reinvigorate interest in the BioShock franchise - the perfect accompaniment to an iPhone announcement.

This is just speculation at the moment, but we’ve got our feelers out for more BioShock iPhone news, so don’t go far.

In the meantime, check out our video of the BREW version, and we’re sure you’ll agree this would look sweet on Apple’s platform.