BioShock mobile game shown off at MWC 09

The most anticipated mobile first-person shooter of the year

BioShock mobile game shown off at MWC 09
| BioShock (Mobile)

Indian mobile games publisher Indiagames was showing off a bunch of titles at the ShowStoppers event tonight, on the eve of Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona. They included the latest video trailer for BioShock.

Yep, the famously immersive PC first-person shooter is on course to appear on a mobile phone near you very soon, in two separate versions - 2D and 3D.

Watch the 3D trailer below, before seeing what Indiagames' Sean Malatesta had to say about it.

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So, we caught up with Malatesta at ShowStoppers, and asked him what he could tell us about BioShock for mobile, which Indiagames has licensed from 2K Games.

"We have two different versions: a 2D version and a 3D version, depending on the phones, and it's gonna be outstanding!" he says.

"The 2D version, even when I first thought of it, I said 'how can you do a 2D version of BioShock? I'll tell you what: our guys and 2K have really captured the essence of the game in a 2D format. It's really unbelievable. It obviously doesn't look like BioShock as you know it, but it gives you the same essence. The guys are pretty proud of it."

The game is currently going through its final approval stages, and will then take time to deploy, but Malatesta says "we're getting close" - so it should be available soon.

In the meantime, the game is up for the Excellence in 3D award at the IMGA Awards this week, and Malatesta is hopeful that BioShock will be going home with some silverware.

"BioShock has been nominated as best 3D game, and we're going up against a lot of great competition of course, including what I feel are some of the best developers," he says.

"Just to be nominated is great. We've lost in that category for the last two years, so... sometimes you have to lose before you can win! Touch wood, we hope we can maybe come away with a winner this time."

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