We took a sideways glance at homebrew programmer ZodTTD's iPhone port of Quake a little while back - featuring fully redesigned touchscreen controls - but it seems he's hit a brick wall in getting id Software to sign off on his project. Without the original Quake developer's approval (which TouchArcade has been informed he'll not be getting) there's no way to put it through Apple's approval process.

Never fear, says TMSoft's Kevin Arunski, as he's also been working on a hardware optimized, multiplayer port of Quake for the iPhone. The original game was naturally dependent on the keyboard and mouse, but Arunski insists that the accelerometer, multi-touch controls and iPhone's built in soft keyboard make this a fully operational port, which also includes wi-fi multiplayer.

Perhaps most importantly of all, the TMSoft team is currently looking at licensing options with id to ensure this version actually flies. In the meantime, scope out the gameplay and operational video below - it looks quite dashing so it does.

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