On the quiet, Gameloft has released a rather exciting iPhone game. TV Show King Online is based on its hit WiiWare game, except as the new title implies, the iPhone version has online features.

Specifically, the game lets you test your trivia skills in a multiplayer mode against people around the world, with online rankings to preserve your boffin-tastic skills.

Not heard of the WiiWare version? TV Show King is a fictional TV game show that, it's fair to say, takes a decent amount of inspiration from PlayStation franchise Buzz!

You customise a 3D character, and then answer questions in categories including music, cinema, entertainment, history, geography, sports, general knowledge, fun and pop culture.

There are more than 3,000 questions in the iPhone game, so you should get plenty of use out of it even before you go online to prove your mettle.

It's exciting to see a big publisher pushing online multiplayer for iPhone, although we'll be putting TV Show King Online through its paces to see if the online mode performs well over 3G as well as Wi-Fi.