Nintendo has revealed the latest version of the DS at a press conference in Japan and confirmed the new handheld will be released there on November 1st.

But speaking to industry news site, Nintendo of Europe has since revealed the European version should be expected in spring 2009.

The DSi has bigger screens at 3.25 inches each (only one of which is touchscreen, as the current model), revised speaker structure (similar to those found on the PSP Slim & Lite) and placement, and features two 0.3-megapixel built-in cameras, as well as an SD card slot.

Nintendo has also confirmed a built-in browser and a downloadable software service for the handheld, meaning players will be able to download games and store them on an SD card (which is also where your pictures will end up living).

Due for release in Japan on November 1st for ¥18,900 (£100 approx), the DSi will initially be available in black or white. No details of price or colour for Europe have been confirmed at this stage, though expect a similar approach to the Japanese release.

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As for images, Nintendo has helpfully launched a Japanese DSi site, which shows off the machine in action, as well as provide a handy DS Lite/DSi comparison section.