Keen readers may remember our interview with CipSoft about its TibiaME mobile MMORPG a few months ago (and if you don't, check it out). It's been going for years, building up a dedicated audience of gamers.

Anyway, CipSoft has just announced that TibiaME has had its biggest ever update, with new monsters, new weapons, and a series of new quests. Oh, and a new island to explore called Ashmore.

Meanwhile, existing areas of the gameworld have been spruced up, too. "We've put great effort into this update," says product manager Benjamin Zuckerer. "We left no stone unturned in the game. We've polished up and replaced many bits and pieces."

The downside is that the upgrade requires users to download a new version of the TibiaME application, although that's not too much of a hardship, since it's free.