Glu has already released several Sega mobile games here in Europe, including the last Sonic The Hedgehog game, Virtua Tennis and Super Monkey Ball Tip'n'Tilt.

In the near future, Sega is planning to start publishing its own mobile games, but in the meantime, the two companies have extended their deal to include another four more games, including Football Manager Quiz, Total War, Wonderboy, and a mystery fourth title

The first of those is due out this spring, and is a trivia game based on Football Manager – frustrating if you're hanging on for a fully-fledged mobile management game to compete with the likes of Championship Manager and LMA Manager.

Still, our Chris James had a go on an early version of Football Manager Quiz and came away mightily impressed, so we're looking forward to seeing how the final thing shapes up.

Interestingly, the new deal makes no mention of Sega Rally, which was one of the eight Sega games originally signed up by mobile publisher iFone, which was then bought by Glu Mobile, which took over the Sega deal.

We'll have to see if Sega Rally is the fourth game under Glu's new extended deal, or if Sega will be publishing that one itself at some point.