If you've an N-Gage, what on earth have you been doing for the past fortnight if you've not been competing in Nokia's annual Medal Games? What's that? Fresh air and exercise? There'll be plenty of time for all that after September 15th, when the competition is all over.

Billed as the ultimate tournament to determine the best mobile gamer in the world, the Medal Games are held via Nokia's N-Gage Arena portal. Every week, for a total of four weeks, five special medal games events are run, with the points earned in them building up to a final overall total.

Two weeks have already passed, but Nokia tells us you can enter for as long as the competition is open if you fancy your chances. Prizes include phones and MP3 players.

Don't bother trying if you're a one-trick pony, however, since the five games you'll be tested on cover several different kinds of gameplay. You'll be challenged to do your best in Pathway to Glory, Pathway to Glory Ikusa Islands, Mile High Pinball, High Seize, and 20-Question Trivia Challenge.

If you're missing any of those, they're all available to buy with a special discount code from Nokia's Summer Medal Games homepage, which also tells you where and how to enter.