Are You A Dodo? for iOS will compare your intellect with animals' intellect on June 19th

You wish!

Are You A Dodo? for iOS will compare your intellect with animals' intellect on June 19th
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I thought that LambdaMu and Chillingo's upcoming free-to-play game Are You A Dodo? was a deliberate attempt to insult me at first.

As it turns out, being a dodo would be a fine thing indeed within this arcade puzzle game. I can only dream of reaching such heights.

You see, Are You A Dodo? is similar to those Are You Smarter than a 10 Year Old?-type games.

I can't remember what I was supposed to type here

Except, as well as intelligence, it tests your reactions and your memory. And rather than being compared with 10-year-old kids, you're measured against animals here.

You're given a choice of nine mini-games to play, but can only choose three. They're split into Logic, Memory, and Dexterity games, so you can mix and match as you like.

You then need to get as high a score as you can in each mini-game while under a time limit. You might have to memorise animals, do some maths, and tap animal icons before they disappear.

Though it's a decent mix of mini-games, I doubt having just nine of them to play will keep anyone that interested for long.

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Anyway, once it's all over, the animal to which your skills are apparently closest is revealed. I'm comparable to a lazy moray eel - charming.

If you do well, you'll be rewarded with a power-up that may make one of the mini-games a little easier next time. So, it's worth replaying the mini-games.

As you might guess, IAPs here let you purchase these power-ups as well as in-game coins.

Another expected feature is Facebook integration so that you compare yourself against your friends on the leaderboards.

Are You A Dodo? will be heading to iOS only on June 19th. It will be free to download.

Chris Priestman
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