Archeland, a brand new strategy RPG that takes inspiration from Fire Emblem, opens pre-registration for Korean gamers

Archeland, a brand new strategy RPG that takes inspiration from Fire Emblem, opens pre-registration for Korean gamers
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ZlongGame, the developers of the Langrisser Mobile RPG, have announced that the Korean version of their upcoming turn-based strategy role-playing game Archeland is now available for pre-registration. This new title sees you enter a high fantasy world full of sprawling vistas with some deeply engaging strategic battle systems as well.

The first thing you’ll notice about Archeland is that it wears a very clear inspiration on its sleeve from what’s likely the most popular strategic RPG series out there: Fire Emblem. Between the grid-based combat system and the dramatic swoop in from the top-down angle to a side view of the battle between your unit and the enemy they’re attacking (even the crit animations), it all shows that this one borrows a lot of ideas from that series.

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This is, however, not even a slight negative, as the Fire Emblem series is so successful for a reason. While Fire Emblem: Heroes seeks to emulate the experience, there’s really not a game like the official Fire Emblem entries on the mobile market. Looks like Archeland is seeking to change that.

With a high fantasy setting full of drama and intrigue, dragons and war, and a huge cast of characters that each operate uniquely within your party, there’s a lot to dig here. As for the combat, you can see what it’s about if you’re familiar with the grid and turn-based combat system that’s found in most strategy RPGs. It’s always a fun way to mix up the typical JRPG combat mechanics, and it looks just as good here as it does in other similar genre adjacents.

Not to mention, Archeland looks absolutely gorgeous. With full CG scenes that play when a character pulls off their ultimate move as well as some nice top-down 3D visuals from the normal turn screen, it’s pretty darn stunning.

If all of this sounds as lovely to you as it does to me, you can pre-register for the game at either of the links below, though the pre-reg is currently exclusive to Korean gamers.

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