Spacetime Studios announces next mobile MMO: Arcane Legends

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Spacetime Studios announces next mobile MMO: Arcane Legends
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Does Spacetime Studios ever sleep? It feels like only the other month we were talking about the developer of Pocket Gamer Silver Award-winning mobile MMO Dark Legends (because it was).

Now, the team has announced it'll be serving up yet another new iOS and Android title, entitled Arcane Legends, in the autumn / fall.

Arcane Legends, as you can likely guess from its title, is the latest in the Legends series, which this time focuses on the more traditional fantasy setting.

Going Rogue

There are three classes to pick from - Warrior, Rogue, and Sorcerer - each naturally possessing its own strengths and weaknesses.

The charge attack from Dark Legends makes a re-appearance, and a "rage meter" can be charged up for an even more devastating blow on enemies.

Spacetime is promising "furious fast-paced tactical combat" in this latest outing, on top of a "funny story" and "meaningful multiplayer gameplay".

We'll find out what that actually means at some point in the near future.

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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