Antihero is what happens when Civilization meets Oliver Twist

Having a Dickens

Antihero is what happens when Civilization meets Oliver Twist
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Antihero is a fast-paced 4X strategy game with a setting that I've never seen the genre enter before.

Instead of space, a land of high fantasy, or a historical recreation of the Earth (a la Civilization); Antihero takes place in a Dickensian city.

Yep, it's all gas-lit streets, corrupt authority, and Victorian sensibilities.

It's also beautiful, looking a little like Don't Starve, in a way. Except it shouldn't be viewed through different games as it's distinctively the work of Corpse Craft creator Tim Conkling.

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Conkling describes Antihero's gameplay as a mix of Civilization and Hero Academy himself.

It involves you operating a Thieves' Guild, trying to steal from banks and factories in order to upgrade your guild and improve the tools of your trade.

As you do so, you'll have to send out scouts to spy on your rivals, and hiring street urchins to do smaller jobs.

Antihero allows for multiple play styles, from all-out assassination to non-violent playthroughs involving blackmailing cops.


It also has a single player story mode as well as a cross-platform asynchronous multiplayer mode.

Conkling and his small team have been working on Antihero for a little over a year and hope to bring it to PC, iOS, and Android in early 2015.

Keep up with its development on the official website. More information is available on its Greenlight page.