[Update] Tower offence sequel Anomaly Korea will roll onto iPhone and iPad at midnight

Under cover of darkness (Updated: Now on Android, too)

[Update] Tower offence sequel Anomaly Korea will roll onto iPhone and iPad at midnight
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Updated on December 21st, at 10:40: Anomaly Korea is now available on Android, too. Get it from Google Play here.

Tower offence sequel Anomaly Korea has just rolled onto the New Zealand App Store, meaning it'll be conquering US and UK territories from midnight tonight.

11 bit studios, the team behind Anomaly Korea and its highly acclaimed predecessor Anomaly Warzone Earth, hinted earlier in the month that its latest strategy shooter might make it onto the Apple marketplace before Christmas.

Happily for us, the team over at 11 bit studios has made good on its 'promise', so we can look forward to planning routes and annihilating aliens over 12 new missions after Xmas dinner.

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While adhering pretty closely to the original's successful formula, Anomaly Korea does bring a couple of additional elements to the battlefield.

As well as giving you a new resource in the form of an improved tactical map, you'll find new powers to employ and never-before-seen units with which you can smash your robotic enemies.

Scout ahead

If you want a sneak peek at the first four levels of 11 bit studios's gorgeous new tower offence game, then cast your eyes over our detailed hands-on with Anomaly Korea now.

You'll be able to download Anomaly Korea from midnight on iPhone and iPad for £1.99 / $2.99. An Android release should follow soon after.

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