Tower defence sequel Anomaly Korea should appear in time for Christmas

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Tower defence sequel Anomaly Korea should appear in time for Christmas
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Anomaly Warzone Earth developer 11 bit studios aims to release tower defence sequel Anomaly Korea before the end of the year.

Originally pencilled in for an autumn launch, this highly anticipated follow-up to the Pocket Gamer Platinum Award-winning strategy hit prompted furrowed brows and frowny emoticons aplenty when it missed its release window.

"We slipped," 11 bit studios senior writer Pawel Miechowski admitted to Joystiq yesterday.

"I think we're going to do it on Christmas. Ideally would be to release it before Christmas."

Picking up months after the devastating events of Anomaly Total Warzone, Anomaly Korea will stick very closely to the successful formula established by its predecessor.

As we discovered during our guided playthrough at Gamescom '12, the new location throws up new challenges - some of which stray beyond the standard 'kill everything that moves' template.

Players will find the game shutting off powers in certain zones, and insisting you hold specific map locations in the face of emerging towers.

We hope that 11 bit studios manage to deliver us an early Christmas present in Anomaly Korea. As soon as we have a solid release date for it, we'll let you know.

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