Anomaly Korea and two other new titles announced by 11 Bit Studios

All three to be demoed at Gamescom

Anomaly Korea and two other new titles announced by 11 Bit Studios
| Anomaly Korea

Gamescom is only five days away, but that hasn't stopped 11 Bit Studios from revealing some information about the three new games it plans to debut at the convention.

Leading the pack is the sequel to the Pocket Gamer Platinum Award-winning Anomaly Warzone Earth. 11 Bit Studios describes the new project, Anomaly Korea, as 'the next generation tower offense game' which picks up months after the events of Anomaly Warzone Earth conclude.

Anomaly Korea takes place (spoiler alert!) on the Korean peninsula and features new units and new player powers, which are sure to add novel strategy elements to the revolutionary tower defense game.

Sleepwalking smugglers?

Rounding out 11 Bit Studios' Gamescom new game lineup are Sleepwalker's Journey (a puzzler/platformer) and Funky Smugglers, a 1970’s funk-inspired hidden objects game that takes place at an airport screening terminal.

All three titles will make their way to iOS and Android in the coming months and we will bring you additional information on them from Gamescom.

In the mean time, enjoy the trailer (and music) for Funky Smugglers below:

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