Anomaly 2 is a thing. A beautiful, beautiful thing...

...That may or may not come to mobile

Anomaly 2 is a thing. A beautiful, beautiful thing...
| Anomaly 2

11 bit studios has just answered the prayers of strategy enthusiasts the world over by announcing the existence of Anomaly 2.

The indie studio took to Twitter to direct fans towards the Anomaly 2 website, and the first trailer for the upcoming tower offence game.

The trailer (below) shows that the Polish dev team hasn't been resting on its laurels since last years quasi-expansion pack Anomaly Korea.

Instead, it's cooked up some genuine innovation for Anomaly Warzone Earth's first proper sequel.

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Firstly, Anomaly 2's tanks and troops will now be able to change Transformers style into armoured mechs. This mighty-morphing twist will give players an extra layer of strategy to master.

Secondly (and most interestingly), Anomaly 2 will have a mutiplayer mode in which one player controls the advancing force, while the other assumes command of the defending towers. Which sounds awesome.


Now for the qualifier: Anomaly 2 has not yet been confirmed for either iOS or Android platforms. As of yet, it has only been announced for those big computer things.

However, a spokesperson for 11 bit studios told Pocket Gamer that the team would "love to" bring the sequel to mobile.

We'd love that, too, 11 bit studios. We really, really would.

James Gilmour
James Gilmour
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