11 bit studios reveals the Android phone that runs upcoming tower offence title Anomaly 2 the best

Betcha probably can guess

11 bit studios reveals the Android phone that runs upcoming tower offence title Anomaly 2 the best
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I feel like this slice of news should be delivered with some kind of fanfare. Or at least with a dramatic reality show-style pause that'll leave you screaming at the internet to hurry up and tell you the answer.

Anyway, you might remember a couple of weeks ago we reported on the Anomaly 2 benchmarking app for Android.

It's basically a bit of software that enables the 11 bit studios team to establish how well your 'droid phone or tablet can handle its upcoming tower offence sequel.

Well, after collating the data that 11 bit studios has collected from the app, the team has revealed the Android phone that runs the polygon-heavy auto-blaster the smoothest.

Out of this world

And the winner is...

Wait for it...

The Samsung Galaxy S4.

It's one of six phones or tablets made by an Asian firm in 11 bit studios's top ten. Samsung's Galaxy S4 runs Anomaly 2 around 8% better than its closest rival, Sony's Xperia Z Ultra.

Top of the tree

In fact, those two blowers are head and shoulders above the other devices on the list. The third-placed phone, the LG G2 D802, runs Anomaly 2 at just over 75% of the speed of the S4.

The Nvidia Shield is the only core gaming device on the list, and it comes a respectable fourth, ahead of the likes of the HTC One and budget China-only wonderkid the Xiaomi MI-2.

These results are based on the first five days of the test, so 11 bit studios does have a lot more data to piece together to come up with a final assessment of the state of Android gaming.

You can check out the full list of devices and scores in the handy infographic below. And don't crow too much if your device is top of the tree, for we can guarantee that - like the winner of a reality TV show - it won't be there for long.

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