Video game backgrounds to use in your Zoom calls

Liven up your dry workplace chats with these backgrounds

Video game backgrounds to use in your Zoom calls

Working from home? Tweeting everything you normally do, but now with the hashtag #WFH? Talking to everyone on Zoom, because other video chat clients are unreliable? Yeah, we know that feeling. The Coronavirus has spawned a new revolution of working from home, and Zoom is just one of the apps that is benefiting from all of this madness. Not that we can complain, since for many of us office drones, it just means it cuts out the commute.

Zoom is a fun piece of software - aside from the whole talking-about-work thing - and you can even make talking about work a bit more lighthearted in these hard times with some fancy backgrounds for your webcam, which Zoom can insert into your camera feed using a bit of camera trickery, no fancy greenscreens or chroma key software required! Not bad at all.

Whenever we're sick of it all and want to keep things lighthearted, we have video games, and we have picked out a whole bunch of video game backgrounds that we think are ideal for brightening the mood in your work chat today.

Just take a look below for our wide range of video game backgrounds, and let us know what backgrounds you are going to use in the comments below!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

It's good to get away and get some peace, right? Well, that's exactly the atmosphere that Animal Crossing: New Horizons lays down.


Firewatch is atmospheric and beautiful, and that's the sort of work environment we want.

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

This is one of the prettiest games of all time, without question, and it even looks like a wonderful holiday destination. I want to visit, at least.


Lay out your mission briefing while the world burns.


No King or Gods down here, only man.

BioShock Infinite

More of the same from last time, except this time there's airborne racism.


Get ready for war with your colleagues.

Mass Effect

The nightclubs in Mass Effect are the places I want to take the people I meet in real life.


This just looks like a peaceful background, but with an important and iconic background element.

The Sims

This is just a transparent PNG you can work into an image, above your head, for that Sims style.

Horizon Zero Dawn

This game is gorgeous, even without the deadly machines. Who wants to get eaten, anyway?

Resident Evil 2

The Raccoon City Police Station is iconic, and just might remind you of your own workplace, but likely a bit more unnecessarily opulent.


I am thou, thou art I.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a new one, but it's gorgeous.

Oh, check out our preview, too.