Free-for-all: Angry Birds goes free on iOS for first time

Full version scraps price

Free-for-all: Angry Birds goes free on iOS for first time
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The original version of Angry Birds is now available for free on iOS for both iPhone and iPad, it has been revealed, with Rovio ditching the game's price tag out of the blue.

Rovio has previously offered free versions of the game on iOS, but they've served as 'lite' versions, restricting play to a few set levels.

As such, this is the first time the full game has been offered without charge on the App Store.

Out of the blue

Free ad-supported versions of Angry Birds have also appeared on other platforms, such as Android, but never on Apple's OS.

As a result, the aforementioned free versions of the game have been pulled, with the full release taking their place.

It's not clear, however, whether this is a permanent move, or whether the all conquering franchise is having trouble maintaining its previously impressive download rate in an era where free-to-play dominates. Rovio is yet to offer comment.

At last count, the Angry Birds franchise stood at 1 billion downloads, although said figure was released in May 2012.

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