Angry Birds to hit PSP Minis later this week

Foul fowl on the big and little screens

Angry Birds to hit PSP Minis later this week
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This week, PSP owners will be the latest group of gamers to try Rovio Mobile’s multi-million selling physics puzzler, Angry Birds.

As the PlayStation Store updates today in North America and tomorrow in Europe, the fowl-flinging time waster will be added to the system’s Minis line-up: a series of pocket money games that are playable on both PSP and PlayStation 3.

The game comes with just 63 levels (a long way off the iPhone edition’s 360+ level collection), but other than that it promises to be a faithful recreation of the mobile version, complete with “hours of gameplay, challenging physics-based castle demolition, and lots of replay value.”

The Minis game will be joined by M.O.Z.O.X Space Salvager, an old skool space shoot-'em-up and Family Games: Pen & Paper Edition, featuring the likes of Squares, Safe Cracker, and Matchsticks. Sounds riveting.

If you’re on Windows Phone 7, don’t lose hope. Rovio Mobile has tweeted more than once that the game is on its way to Microsoft’s new mobile in 2011. But “give us some months”, the developer said today. It “takes a lot of work to do WP7”, Rovio explained back in November.

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