Angry Birds rolls out v2.3.0 update with new Bad Piggies episode

30 new levels to three-star

Angry Birds rolls out v2.3.0 update with new Bad Piggies episode
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After Monday's unveiling of Angry Birds Star Wars, even the most ardent of Angry Birds fans can be forgiven for having a bit of fowl fatigue.

Hopefully that fatigue is fleeting, because Rovio rolled out a surprise update (v2.3.0) to the original Angry Birds that includes an all-new episode and a final set of 15 levels for the Surf and Turf episode.

At current, the update is only available for iPhones and Android but it will make its way to other platforms – including the iPad – in the days ahead.

Bad, Piggies, bad!

With summer officially over, it makes sense that Rovio would wrap up the beach-themed Surf and Turf episode with 15 stormy levels designed to bring the fun in the sand and sun to its natural conclusion.

But the real news in the v2.3.0 update is the invasion of the Bad Piggies who are seemingly no longer content to have their own game and have returned to Angry Birds with an all-new episode.

The 'Bad Piggies' episode contains 15 of the "PIGGEST" Angry Birds levels ever. At least, that's according to Rovio.

No matter if these levels are indeed the PIGGEST or are simply PIGGER than normal levels, the 15 levels in the new episode will have a distinct Bad Piggies theme to them.

If you're looking for help on these new levels, check in at our Angry Birds hub. We'll be adding them to our walkthroughs just as soon as we three-star them ourselves!

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Matthew Diener
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