Angry Birds catapulting towards DS, PSP and PS3

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Angry Birds catapulting towards DS, PSP and PS3
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Five million-selling mobile time waster Angry Birds has more than just the Android and Palm Pre in its sights, as it's set to tackle the ‘big boy’ consoles as part of its world domination plans.

In a brief feature from British tabloid The Sun, developer Rovio openly announces that “We are also releasing it on Nintendo DS, Sony PSP and PS3,” as the Birds joinFlight Control, recently announced for PlayStation Move, as another iPhone born game going the big time.

The developer also speaks about the casual game’s remarkable success, noting its relatively sluggish opening sales (“When it was released last December Angry Birds made a slow start but as word got round, everyone's gone crazy for it”) and the latest sales figure: a cool £2 million from iPhone and iPad sales.

No release date is given for the game’s console debut, but we’ll put out the call to developer Rovio, and keep you posted.