Angry Birds Android out now for free on GetJar

Android Market version out soon

Angry Birds Android out now for free on GetJar
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Just the other day we revealed that Rovio had something special planned for its enormous Angry Birds Android release. Something a little out of the ordinary when it came to pricing.

Now it’s finally been released, and it turns out our prediction of a free ad-funded version was true. What we didn’t predict was that it wouldn’t be made available on the Android Market – at least not to start with.

Rather, you can obtain Angry Birds right now from GetJar, a popular independent mobile app store. The game will soon be available for free on the Android Market and Motorola SHOP4APPS, which presumably represents the “multiple versions” that we’d been tipped off about.

“Why is Angry Birds free on Android?” Mikael Hed (CEO of Rovio) asked himself on our behalf. “We want to make Angry Birds available for as many people as possible.”

As for the unorthodox three-pronged approach, he simply says that, “The Android marketplace is a complex one.” We’d be tempted to read that as: "Android Market is an absolute mess," but we wouldn’t want to put words in his mouth.

While the initial roll-out will feature adverts supplied through Admob, Rovio has promised that, “A future update will include the option to purchase the full version and opt out of advertisements.”