Angry Birds Android gets major update: 45 new levels, QVGA support

Android Market gets it first

Angry Birds Android gets major update: 45 new levels, QVGA support
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Rovio has released a major update for the Android version of Angry Birds that brings it up to date with the original iPhone version.

Head on over to the Android Market and you’ll be able to update to version 1.4.2, which features a new fourth episode. The Big Setup presents a new bird, Big Brother, and an additional 45 levels of bird-pinging action.

It’s not just about new content, either. Now even more Android owners can jump on board the Angry Birds bandwagon.

Angry Birds Android now supports QVGA graphics, so owners of devices with this compact screen size should find the game running perfectly on their phones” says Rovio's Ville Heijari on the Rovio blog.

As well as these major additions, Heijari reveals that Rovio has, “fixed a number of issues that a lot of people experienced with Angry Birds on Android, including the blank screen issue on Android 1.6 devices, and the white textures appearing on certain devices.”

While Heijari claims that the update applies to both GetJar and Android Market, I could only get the updated version from the latter source at the time of going to press.

Presumably the update will work its way through to the other app store soon, but it’s interesting given Rovio’s preference of GetJar for the game’s Android debut.

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