Angry Birds Star Wars toys round-up

Chewie on this!

Angry Birds Star Wars toys round-up

With any new Angry Birds release comes a treasure trove of related toys and trinkets.

When Angry Birds Star Wars was announced, we knew there'd be a bit of spin-off merchandise available.

Heck, we never thought it'd be this much, though. There's more than enough here to fill a Tauntaun's giant belly.

Anyway, we've compiled the very best bits of Angry Birds Star Wars plastic, card, and fluff so that you don't have to, basically.

Check them all out below...

Since every Star Wars game has to by law include a level set on Hoth, no surprise to see an Angry Birds Star Wars companion tabletop playset in stores.

Here's a Jenga tie-in now, which uses the raid on the completed Death Star as its inspiration. There are more of these physical Angry Birds Star Wars boardgames available, all centred on a pivotal scene from the original trilogy. The above two are the absolute best, mind.

These Mystery Bags contain extra pieces and characters for the physical game at the very top of this list. They're also the only way you'll find the exclusive Han Solo Bird in Carbonite, and the Wedge Antilles bird.

Perched atop a precarious-looking tower of blocks is this shaking and teetering Darth Vader Pig Bobblehead.

This Chewbacca plush toy looks big, dumb, and cuddly - which is exactly what we want from a Chewbacca plush toy. How convenient!

Other Angry Birds Star Wars characters are available in plush form, by the way. Natch.

Now, it's not only kings, queens, jacks, jokers, and nudey ladies that feature on the front of cards: those angry avians are on them, too. Plus, you get a neat little collectors tin to put them in.

Peter Willington
Peter Willington
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