Next Angry Birds seasonal release confirmed as Valentine's Day

With 'biggest Facebook' game due in April

Next Angry Birds seasonal release confirmed as Valentine's Day

Another day, it's another headline figure for Angry Birds, which developer Rovio has confirmed has done 50 million downloads across all mobile platforms.

More interesting for its addicted fanbase however is the news that the seasonal standalone version of the game that's already been themed for Halloween and Christmas will get its next facelift with a Valentine's Day version in February.

Will the birds and pigs forget their differences for a breakfast of mad, passionate, cannibalistic scrambled eggs and bacon? Unlikely but we're sure love hearts and Cupid's arrows will appear somewhere in the mix.

Social attraction

Other news points to Rovio's further plans for world domination.

PR chief Ville Heijari told Finnish radio station YLE that it expected to have the Facebook version of Angry Birds out in April.

"It will become Facebook's biggest game. It will be Angry Birds, but also much more," he said.

[source: YLE] Thanks, Mika
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