15 new summer-themed levels in latest update to Angry Birds Rio

Dance in the sand

15 new summer-themed levels in latest update to Angry Birds Rio
| Angry Birds Rio

Another month, another update to an Angry Birds game.

This time around, it's the turn of the Bronze Award-winning Angry Birds Rio, the tie-in to the long-forgotten Fox animated movie about a parrot.

In this latest update, which is live on the App Store and the Google Play Store right now, Rovio has added 15 new summer-themed levels of licensed bird-flinging mayhem to the game.

So, there are some new items to play around with, including inflatable pool toys and floating pig balloons. Expect plenty of warm colours, sand, and palm trees, too.

You can also unlock some new bonus levels in Angry Birds Rio by collecting all of the golden cherries spread across the fresh batch of levels.

All this extra content means there are now 250 levels in total in Angry Birds Rio, which isn't too shabby for a game that won't cost you anything.

If you fancy some summery shenanigans with Rovio's annoyed avians, you can grab Angry Birds Rio from the App Store for free for iPhone [download], iPad [download] and for Android [download].

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