Angry Birds Rio gains 24 Samba-themed levels and power-ups in update

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Angry Birds Rio gains 24 Samba-themed levels and power-ups in update
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Rovio has added 24 new Samba-themed levels and a whole bunch of power-ups to Bronze Award-winning movie tie-in Angry Birds Rio.

Naturally, you'll have to do a bit of work before you can play through these new stages.

You'll have to collect lots of stars from other levels to unlock 18 of them, and gather a whole bunch of feathers to unlock the other six.

That shouldn't be too much of a problem, though, given that this update introduces four helpful power-ups.

These power-ups include Sling Scope and Super Seeds - both of which appeared in Angry Birds for Facebook - and two fresh perks (Samba Burst and TNT Drop).

You'll receive 20 free power-ups just for downloading this update, and a further free power-up every day you play. If you need more, power-ups are also available through in-app purchases.

You can grab Angry Birds Rio for iPhone [buy], iPad [buy], and Android [download] right this second.

Anthony Usher
Anthony Usher
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