Innovative puzzler Ancient Frog hops onto iPhone

Take a leaf out of this puzzle game’s book

Innovative puzzler Ancient Frog hops onto iPhone
| Ancient Frog

Ever since Zen Bound wowed us with its uniquely imaginative and outstandingly innovative puzzle-based gameplay (something Chillingo’s Chris Byatte insists is vital to all new iPhone games), we didn’t expect to see anything to match its novelty value for a very long time.

So Ancient Frog comes as quite a surprise. Here we have another highly imaginative new puzzle game, which looks mesmerising.

Your objective is to help a frog navigate its way across a leaf so it can catch a fly at the far end, using as few steps as possible. You can only move one foot at a time, by pulling it onto one of the highlighted footholds currently within range.

It looks like a very casual style of puzzle, with no time limits and no constraints on the number of moves it takes to walk one of the six - very realistic - species of frog across the 100 levels.

The wonderful aesthetic style and lifelike animations are almost enough to win us over, so check out the gameplay video below and let us know what you think of Ancient Frog in the comments section.

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