Ancient Frog hops onto Android

Classy puzzler out now

Ancient Frog hops onto Android
| Ancient Frog

Classy iPhone puzzler Ancient Frog has been released onto the Android Market.

We were very impressed with the game’s zen-like charms when we reviewed it last year, giving it a Silver Award.

This Android version promises to be an even finer experience, as developer James Brown explains: “The Android version benefits from all of the updates and improvements that have happened since (the review).”

The game sees you manoeuvring a frog towards its fly-shaped supper by moving one stretchy limb at a time. Place a leg awkwardly and it’ll have a knock-on effect as you shuffle around (thus wasting some of your limited move allowance) to compensate.

The award-winning game (IMGA - Excellence in Design / IADC Grand Prize - Most Elegant Application / IGF Mobile Honorable Mention - Achievement in Art & Best Mobile Game Design) is out now on Android Market for £1.71.

Stay tuned for our review.