Users report issues with AltStore on iOS17.5, devs confirm fix in progress

Updated your iOS version? Don't delete the new AltStore PAL

Users report issues with AltStore on iOS17.5, devs confirm fix in progress
| AltStore PAL
  • Users have reported issues with reinstalling the AltStore PAL on iOS 17.5
  • The developers have confirmed a long-term fix for the issue is on the way
  • The AltStore has proven to be a hugely popular storefront for third-party apps

AltStore, the newly-released alternative app store for iOS, has faced issues on the latest version of the OS. Users previously reported that attempting to reinstall the AltStore PAL version after updating to iOS 17.5 would greet them with an error message. The developers behind the AltStore Pal were also quick to confirm that they are working on a potential long-term fix for the issue.

While a shame for some users, the fact that the AltStore developers have so quickly responded to and confirmed a potential fix will be good news for those people affected. 

Popularity can suck

The AltStore PAL has been a hotly-anticipated release for iOS, happening mainly because of unprecedented changes to the way that Apple's digital ecosystem functions. Previously, alternative app stores were hands-down disallowed by any developer, but changes to policy prompted by the EU and other court rulings have opened the gates for developers big and small to create alternative storefronts for iOS.

However, the issues with the AltStore PAL do indicate that, being third-party apps themselves, these storefronts can still be prone to issues with Apple's many updates. Hopefully in the future we'll see more communication and addressing of these issues before they happen from the iPhone maker.

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