Alto's Odyssey cheats and tips - Everything you need to level up and get high scores

Sand board your way to victory with these tips

Alto's Odyssey cheats and tips - Everything you need to level up and get high scores
| Alto's Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is finally on our mobile devices and we can’t get enough sand boarding action in. The only issue is that there’s a few things Alto’s Odyssey doesn’t tell you, and it might be difficult to get high scores without the necessary knowledge.

Never fear, that’s why we’re here after all. Below we’ve got a bunch of fresh Alto’s Odyssey tips and advice that’ll have you cruising to new high scores in no time.

So take heed of our words below and you’ll be smashing through Alto’s Odyssey like you were born to board.

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The shape of you

You best quickly start remembering the shapes of rocks and any other obstacles, because it won’t be long until you’ll only be able to see the silhouette.

As the time of day changes, the sun rises and sets and is replaced by the moon, and the weather changes from raging storms to sunny skies too. Depending on these factors, you might find it quite difficult to see obstacles and rocks in front of you.

You’ll soon start remembering the shape of rocks you must jump, and any other obstacles and interactive objects.

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Jump on rocks

Yes rocks are a massive danger, but one thing the game doesn’t tell you is that jumping on the rocks can help you out.

Instead of crashing horribly like you might expect, landing on a rock actually bounces you off, meaning you don’t have to worry about coming in for a landing, as long as your board is pointed towards the floor.

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Trick chains

Just like a Tony Hawk’s game from back in the day, you’ll want to link together as many tricks as possible. I’m sure you’ve already tried a backflip, perhaps even chained a few, but you can use a variety of obstacles to help you perform.

Hot air balloons can bounce you, continuing your flips, and you can backflip out of a wall ride, once you unlock those.

You can even use tornadoes and other overworld obstacles to enhance your scores, tricks, and of course overall speed.

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Backflips beware

Yes it’s tempting to get a backflip off of every single possible jump, but you’ll quickly learn that it won’t work out all that well.

Backflips come out quite slowly, and you’ll need to get your board aimed at the ground before you hit the ground, so you’ll need to pick your moments.

Coming off of hot air balloons, tornadoes or higher wall rides is a safe bet that you can backflip, though if you’re unsure just do the one, don’t push your luck!

altos odyssey Chasms

Chasms are great pits in your path that you’ll get warned about by signs. That doesn’t necessarily make them easy to cross though, especially as some can be deceiving.

Sometimes the best way to cross is to simply jump at the right time, and in other instances a wall ride will be the only way to go. In select cases though, a wall ride can actually ruin your momentum and cause the chasm to be your end.

There’s a small selection of chasm types for you to remember. Keep in mind that the signs should give you a rough idea of what’s ahead, if you can read it!

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Power ups

There’s a few power ups for you to use in Alto’s Odyssey, and the Lotus is one of the more effective ones, allowing you to survive crashes and bash through rocks.

There’s also a magnet that will bring coins to you, making it way easier to collect all that there is.

You can make these power ups more efficient in the workshop, or even purchase new ones over time. The Lotus is the most helpful when on the course, but the magnet will make buying new workshop upgrades way easier.

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