Alice's Wonderdream and Carp Story are the latest Tiny Wings-alikes for iPhone

Flying the nest together

Alice's Wonderdream and Carp Story are the latest Tiny Wings-alikes for iPhone

When a game achieves success on the App Store, it's not uncommon for others to hang on its coat tails.

Tiny Wings is the latest title to receive this treatment with two new clones hitting Apple's store.

The first, Alice's Wonderdream, places you in the shoes of a young oversleeping elf, who dreams of being able to fly through a sky of tasty food and other unusual goodies.

As in Tiny Wings, you tap on the screen to alter Alice's momentum, causing her to dive towards the ground and pick-up speed for forthcoming jumps.

Collecting tasty cakes will boost your score, and you can collect several skill-giving outfits.

Not one, the other

Carp Story, on the other hand, sees you attempting to jump your helpless carp over Dragon's Gate, in the hope of evolving into a ferocious dragon. Think Magikarp to Gyarados.

Carp Story features the same dynamically generated landscapes that are present in Tiny Wings, meaning you won't play the same looking level twice.

It also contains hand-drawn graphics and the ability to rack up points by successfully performing tricks.

You can grab Alice's Wonderdream [buy] and Carp Story [buy] from the App Store for 59p/99c each, or pick-up the original Silver Award-winning Tiny Wings for the same price.

Anthony Usher
Anthony Usher
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