Age of Empires Mobile brings the popular strategy series to iOS and Android, with pre-registration open now

Age of Empires Mobile brings the popular strategy series to iOS and Android, with pre-registration open now
  • Age of Empires Mobile will launch later this year
  • There will be multiple playtests in the lead up to release
  • It promises to bring the strategic gameplay found on PC to mobile

TiMi Studio, the folks behind Call of Duty Mobile and Pokemon Unite, has announced they are bringing yet another big franchise to iOS and Android later this year in collaboration with Xbox Games Studio, World's Edge. This time around, it's strategy royalty, with Age of Empires Mobile now available for pre-registration.

Although there's nothing official on exactly when we can expect it to arrive - though the App Store lists the release as August 19th -, TiMi Studios and World's Edge are planning to run playtests in the lead-up to launch. If you want to be part of that, keep your eyes on the official website to find out when and where these tests will take place.

Age of Empires Mobile promises to deliver the essence of the PC version, bringing over all the elements the series is known for, including fast-paced combat, base building and, of course, real-time tactics.

You can build your team from some of history's most recognisable leaders, such as King Arthur, Joan of Arc, Julius Caesar and the Queen of Shiba. Each offers something different, so you'll want to consider that before building your empire and heading into battle. There is a mixture of PvP and PvE. So you can pit your tactical nous against other players and the computer.

It's going to be free-to-play, which probably sets a few alarm bells off for PC stalwarts. However, while Pokemon Unite and Call of Duty Mobile do love to try and shove microtransactions in front of your eyeballs, there's no real need to spend any cash, at least in my experience. So, hopefully, there won't be any pay-to-win shenanigans here, either.

While there's no release date for Age of Empires Mobile yet, you can pre-register on the App Store and Google Play. It will be free-to-play with in-app purchases. In the meantime, if you want some strategy fun to tide you over, check out these mobile games like Age of Empires.

Stephen Gregson-Wood
Stephen Gregson-Wood
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