Afterplace, the top-down RPG, makes its way to Steam

The Zelda-like is a particular favourite of ours

Afterplace, the top-down RPG, makes its way to Steam
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  • Hit RPG Afterplace is making its way to Steam
  • Check it out when it launches later this year
  • We gave Afterplace a glowing review when it released

Popular Zelda-like mobile game Afterplace is set to make the jump from mobile to Steam, as the game releases sometime later this year. Afterplace is a top-down RPG in the vein games like, well, the Legend of Zelda. We offered Afterplace a sterling review when it was first released for iOS, and it was a favourite of our App Army.

In this seemingly cutesy RPG, you'll explore an open world filled with enemies to battle, NPCs to meet and areas to explore, all rendered in gorgeous Lofi pixel art. But let's just say that the seemingly heartwarming nature of this world is not exactly what it seems to be, and as you progress further things are going to become a lot stranger.

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There's not much else to say about Afterplace apart from that, other than that we're glad to see the game coming to more platforms! As a one-person development team, Evan Kice pronounced a truly great game that we were very happy to review.

There are always mixed feelings when we see a game move from mobile to PC. After all, it's good to see a game received by a wider audience, but it also means we have to reckon with whether or not mobile is still seen as secondary. But either way, the fact that more people are going to get to experience Afterplace can only be positive.

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