Nickelodeon's AddictingGames releases iPhone games

Three 99c games launched

Nickelodeon's AddictingGames releases iPhone games
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With over 10 million unique users per month playing over 3,000 games, Nickelodeon's free web portal AddictingGames has plenty of content to splash around, and it's making the first steps to bring some it over to iPhone and iPod touch.

Three simple titles - iPark It!, World Wars and 50 States - have already been released, with more planned in future.

iPark It! (pictured) is a touchscreen game where you have to guide your car to the glowing yellow spot while avoiding the obstacles.

World Wars is a Risk-like turn-based strategy game which uses a dice rolling attack system.

50 States is more of an educational / geographic experience, where you have to find all US states by choosing between the multiple options.

And the strategy seems to be working as iPark It! is already in the Top 100 of the US App Store.