Want Ace Attorney Investigations 2? Only if Ace Attorney 5 sells by the bucketload

Giving the series the edge, for what it's worth

Want Ace Attorney Investigations 2? Only if Ace Attorney 5 sells by the bucketload

Who doesn't love a bit of Ace Attorney on the Nintendo DS? This investigative series is always a blast, whether you're taking control of Phoenix Wright, his rival Miles Edgeworth, or spin-off youngster Apollo Justice.

While we loved Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, and the clever spin it put on the original Phoenix Wright concept, we're slightly disappointed that the sequel, which launched in Japan last year, never touched down on Western shores.

Now, though, we've been given a glimmer of hope that it still might see the light of the day over here in the West.

Hint, hint

Christian Svensson, senior vice president at Capcom, has posted an intriguing comment on the Capcom forums on the subject of Ace Attorney Investigations 2, you see.

Svensson intimates that should the upcoming Ace Attorney 5 for Nintendo 3DS and the forthcoming Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD on iOS rack up a good number of sales, then the company may well look to bring more of its back catalogue to we Europeans.

"Ace Attorney Investigations 2 isn't being held hostage so please don't read this that way," he explains. "But if they do well, they certainly can't hurt. Justification for higher forecasts via stronger than expected sales in the franchise would be helpful."

He adds: "Bear in mind the forecasts for Ace Attorney 5 I've put in are aggressive (high) relative to the historical performance of the franchise (needed to make sure it came over), so I'm counting on you guys to not make me a liar."

So, there we have it. You want more Ace Attorney in your life? Buy ten copies of Ace Attorney 5 when it comes out. Simple.