Mahjong goes 3D for mobile

30 double pyramids to puzzle your way through

Mahjong goes 3D for mobile
| 3D Real Mahjong

You'd think that mahjong is one mobile game that doesn't need 3D graphics, but having once played a game called 3D Scuba Solitaire with animated 3D fish swimming behind the cards, we're open to all ideas.

3D Real Mahjong is the latest mobile game from Qplaze, and it takes the traditional tile-based Chinese game into three dimensions. The gameplay is still the same, with you removing pairs of matching tiles until there are none left on screen.

However, the 3D visuals aren't just for show. You can actually turn around the mahjong board to remove tiles from a different angle. It sounds a bit headspinning, but should at least help prevent you from getting stuck. Maybe.

The game has 30 'double pyramids' to play, and the backgrounds are pretty lush-looking scenery too. It's due out soon.