£5 iPhone and iPad racer 2K Drive becomes £5 cheaper

Also known as 'free'

£5 iPhone and iPad racer 2K Drive becomes £5 cheaper
| 2K Drive
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2K is slashing prices like Jason Voorhees up in here. After yesterday's BioShock sale, you can now get the £4.99 / $6.99 2K Drive for free.

The game itself - which comes from ex-Project Gotham Racing developers at Lucid Games - is great. But it has always felt like it should be a free game.

As Peter said in his review, "you can purchase almost everything in the game with currency. There's no pay-to-win, but the boosts (which make your car's statistics on a certain area better for one race) come close to offering that kind of service."

And when it was in soft launch, the game was offered for free.

We've got no idea how long this price reduction will last. But, as of now, the game hasn't been updated more in-app purchases or adverts which suggests a limited time sale rather than the game becoming a permanent free to play app.