EA reveals more on 2010 FIFA World Cup

Including images and an April 30th release date

EA reveals more on 2010 FIFA World Cup

At a recent event in London to present its upcoming iPhone lineup, EA showed off its official World Cup tie-in, 2010 FIFA World Cup.

As you might expect, it bears a strong resemblance to FIFA 10 - still for my money the finest footy title on the App Store - but EA is promising to make a number of vital alterations.

The main change it wants to make is to present a slightly more accessible version of the beautiful game for the kind of casual footy fan who only seems to crop up when a World or European Cup comes around every two years. To that end, you can expect a much-simplified control system, among other things.

We’ve been promised a number of additional tweaks and improvements elsewhere - not least to the single-player-controlling Be a Pro mode, which is now titled Captain Your Country.

We’ll have an in depth hands-on for you nearer the anticipated April 30th release. For now, feast your eyes on these screenshots.