Com2uS' Zombie Runaway lumbers onto Android Market for free

Flee the humans

Com2uS' Zombie Runaway lumbers onto Android Market for free
| Zombie Runaway

A fast finger-tapping game that has you taking the role of the last zombie running away from those evil humans, Com2uS' previously iOS-only Zombie Runaway is now coming to Android.

A highscore affair, the gameplay is fairly simple, with you tilting to move left and right, and tapping to jump over obstacles and tombstones.

Faster, harder zombie

Adding variation are the booster power ups - including a jetpack - that enable you to run through tombstones: or just reverse the situation and play the Blitz mode, in which you have to run into as many tombstones as possible.

The real reasons for prolonged play however are customisation options, which as in Com2uS games such as Homerun Battle 3D, involve you buying new items for your zombie, while the leaderboards enable you to compete in zombie-related besting against your friends.

Zombie Runaway is out 27 July and will be free to play.

You can see what it's all about in the following trailer.

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